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Manifold Finance

Tutorials that introduce, educate, lead to enable the newcomer to get started


Reference guides are technical descriptions of the machinery and how to operate it. Reference material is information-oriented


Explanation is discussion that clarifies and illuminates a particular topic. Explanation is understanding-oriented.

Learning Oriented

learning-oriented phase: We begin by learning, and learning a skill means diving straight in to do it - under the guidance of a teacher, if we’re lucky

How To

How-to guides are directions that take the reader through the steps required to solve a real-world problem. How-to guides are goal-oriented.

Conditional Imperatives.

If you want x, do y. To achieve w, do z.

How to use MetaMask and SecureRpc

This guide shows you how to use MetaMask and SecureRpc

Developer Tasks

Ttask-oriented phase: Next we want to put the skill to work.


SecureRpc Provider

SecureRpc Contracts

Manifold Staking